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Our long awaited series, The Mouse Trap, The Dangers of Internet Pornography - Providing Help, Hope & Freedom for those Struggling with Sexual Addiction and Guidance for those Providing Care" - is now ready for shipping. In this series, we provide a wealth of relevant, up-to-date information for those (or their loved ones) who are needing freedom from the trap of pornography. 


Once thought of as just a "Man's Problem," this is no longer the case. Do you remember the old cigarette commercial targeted to women which bragged, "You've come a long way baby?" Unfortunately, such can also be said today about the number of women using and becoming addicted to porn. Current figures are showing that up to 40% or more of women are regular users of Internet porn.

Now more than ever, "We fight porn", needs to be the mantra of every family.

On a stormy night near Memphis in April 2009, Micah Rine Pate left her home never to be seen again alive. What happened that night remains a mystery. Her husband, Thomas Pate, reported to police that she went for a jog and never came back. But within 24 hours, he would lead detectives to her body, deep in the brush in the muddy Loosahatchie River bottoms, where she had died from a single gunshot to her head. He insists the shooting was accidental. His family agrees. Her family and investigators insist this was no accident. We search for answers to what really happened that night, whether justice was served, what might have led to the possible demise of their relationship, what role, if any, addictions may have played, and how faith has kept a grieving family strong through a heartbreaking tragedy.

*MIssing Micah" is a documentary that runs 1:38:00 and is given FREE to those who donate $50 or more to CfCB, Inc.. Funds will be given to the Micah Rine Scholarship Fund after production costs are recovered. Please go to the DONATE TAB to make your donation and a DVD of Missing Micah will be mailed to you within just a few days. Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you!

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