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Rhett Maris is the Secretary/Treasurer for both the Jackson-Griffin Insurance Company, which is headquartered in Newport, Arkansas, and also Jackson Funeral Homes, Inc., with locations in Newport, Harrisburg, and Newark. He has worked with his wife, Jan, in these businesses since 1987. In 2004, the Maris’s added Thompson-Wilson Funeral Homes in Wynne and McCrory and Thompson-Wilson Burial Association to the businesses. Rhett oversees the investment portfolio management of the businesses, the reporting requirements and the general accounting. He is a licensed insurance agent and a licensed funeral director.

Before that, Rhett attended Arkansas State University and worked for eight years as an analytical laboratory operator for Arkansas Eastman Company. Rhett and Jan have one daughter, Jessica Maris Hubbard who lives with her husband, Jonathon, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Rhett is a deacon of the Remmel Church in Newport, Arkansas and is a member of the Newport Rotary Club.