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Kyle Reeves is the founder of My Town TV, a low-power broadcast station located in Searcy, Arkansas. The quality of the station is demonstrated by the fact that a number of cable outlets in the Central Arkansas area have picked up the signal for broadcast.  Reeves has testified several times before the Federal Communications Commission as an expert in the area of small market television, low-power television and the effects of cable companies in local markets. Reeves built the first all digital LPTV station in the US.

Having worked as executive producer, producer, videographer and editor for numerous productions, both secular and religious, Reeves brings great experience to CfCB. He has also been active in the political realm having served Searcy as a member of the City Council and being involved in a number of political campaigns.  He is a member of the Downtown church in Searcy, Arkansas, where he attends with his wife, Christy, and their four children.

Reeves received his B.A. in Radio and Television and his Masters of Education, with an emphasis in Communication, from Harding University. After working with a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut for a number of years as a videographer and editor, he decided to put his talents to work in teaching on the college level.

Having done so for eight years, both at Ohio Valley College and later in the department of Communication at Harding University, Reeves accepted a position with the Niblock and Bueker Law Firm as marketing and operations manager, a position he holds at the present time.