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Foster is a committed Christian woman, businesswoman, homemaker, mother, grandmother, and tireless worker in the church.  She has been actively involved in the pro-life movement in Arkansas, serving as president of Jackson County Right to Life for three years (1993-1996). She and her husband, Robert, co-own Bad Boy Mowers in Batesville, Arkansas. They attend the Olyphant church, Olyphant, Arkansas, have three grown children, a son, Brandon, and twin daughters, Kristen and Kellee all married and living in Batesville.  She modestly claims her biggest accomplishment is “being the grandmother of four healthy, rambunctious, and sometimes destructive grandsons.”

Putting her upper-level education on hold while raising her children, Foster received an AA from ASU, Newport in 1999. Wanting to help others through their
struggles in life in a more significant manner, Foster continues toward her dream of becoming a licensed therapist. She has taken specialized classes from
the University of Central Arkansas, Harding University and Williams Baptist and is currently enrolled in Liberty University's distance learning program with
only a few more hours needed to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.