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tammieTammie Caldwell is a teacher in the Jackson County School District (Arkansas) where she has been teaching for 22 years. The majority of her teaching experience has been in 7th & 8th grade science.

She has completed many hours of professional development in the following areas: Higher Level Thinking Skills; Technology; Strengthening Partnership between Home and School; Signs of Abuse: Alcohol, Drug, Physical, Sexual and Neglect; School Ethics and Law.

Tammie explains her passion for working with CfCB, Inc. "I would like to help serve with this board to further the cause [fighting pornography] which I feel very strongly about. I see the devastation caused by this overwhelming "plague" in our society, and it grows daily. I will do anything in my power to help fight the industry by whatever task I am best equipped to complete."

Tammie completed her upper-level formal education at Williams Baptist College, Arkansas State University, & Arkansas State University.

She has been married to her husband Chuck since 1987 and is the mother of two girls, Emily and Claire. Chuck and Tammie are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.

Tammie is a delightful person, fun to be around, filled with energy and enthusiasm and is a great advocate for the Center for Christian Broadcasting. She is a baptized believer, dedicated to following Jesus and eager to help others do the same. We are particularly pleased that she has agreed to join the Board and to team up with Becky Foster as the second female serving on the Board at the present time.