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You are free to use the following articles to fit your needs: linking to them on our website, printing, posting on your website, editing, etc.  If you use the article in its entirety, we would appreciate you crediting it  “From Center for Christian Broadcasting” and providing a link to our website: http://christianbroadcasting.org   If you modify the article in any way, please credit it by saying “Adapted from Center for Christian Broadcasting” and providing the same link.



Articles by Lou Butterfield, Founder and Director of Center for Christian Broadcasting and pulpit minister of the Remmel church 

  • Amazing Grace - Is accepting grace through immersion a "work" ?
  • Brown Scary Thing - Don't take her for granted.
  • Church Name -  Different understandings of church names and why we prefer just "The Remmel Church".
  • Comfort Zone - Maybe 4:00 in the morning is the time to find those crying out for Jesus.
  • Diary - A glimpse into a life of despair.  Christians must get involved in people's lives.
  • Forest or Trees - We need to take an honest look at our own bad habits.  What do our kids see?
  • Free Indeed - The amazing feeling of having your burden lifted.
  • Freedom - The “fences” God builds are for our safety, security, and protection
  • Good Dog - Feed only the "good dog" inside you.
  • Important Questions - what are the most important questions in life?
  • Integrity - Let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no"
  • Our word - Do you keep your word?
  • Quality - The words "quality" and "Christian" are just meaningless words if there is little or no effort to give them meaning in everyday living.
  • Raped - One woman's story reminds us to be like Jesus and help hurting people.
  • Tongue - It's sometimes impossible to live down damage done by a person's tongue.


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