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Pornography is the number one problem in marriages today. It is a primary factor in breaking up homes, tearing families apart and causing emotional and psychological disorders. It is also setting children up for failure in their relationships as well.

In this series, 14 therapists are interviewed, along with another 14 men and women who are recovering addicts and/or their spouses. Eighteen lessons, on 8 DVDs, with a total time of about 10 hours, explore the issues, causes and heartbreaks of this addiction. However, hope is also expressed with suggestions, guidelines and insight from professionals as they give their best efforts in helping provide freedom from the mouse trap.

Ideal Curriculum for:

  • Individual Study
  • Group Work
  • Recovery Meetings
  • Church Classes
  • Men’s meetings
  • Women’s meetings
  • Addicts
  • Spouses
  • Parents

8 Disc DVD set & 154 page workbook

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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

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Additional Workbooks


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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Lesson 1. Introduction to Sexual Addiction

Lesson 2. The Addiction Cycle

Lesson 3. Victimless Crime?

Lesson 4. An Intimacy Disorder

Lesson 5. Vulnerable Host - Abuse

Lesson 6. Vulnerable Host - Abandonment

Lesson 7. Freedom - Willingness

Lesson 8. Freedom - Relationship

Lesson 9. Freedom - Spiritual Partnership

Lesson 10. Spouse’s Heart

Lesson 11. Spouse’s Work

Lesson 12. Spouse’s Questions

Lesson 13. Female Addicts

Lesson 14. Church - Facing the Issues

Lesson 15. Church - Providing Help

Lesson 16. Differnt Porn, Different Drug

Lesson 17. Talking with Kids

Lesson 18. Tips for Parents