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Remember as a kid after a special meal you were told to “keep your fork” because something special was coming? The same is true for Christians who are going through struggles today. 

Jesus want Christians to know that even though trials and adversities come to all of us, if we will just trust Him, something better is coming for all of eternity. 

Linda Smith of Little Rock, Arkansas uses five, true, heart-grabbing stories to show the struggles fellow Christians have endured, only to find the peace that comes through great faith and reliance on God. 


“Keep Your Fork” is an excellent presentation for those who are going through struggles whether it’s death, divorce, financial problems, sickness, accidents, loss of a job, a seemingly unknown future, etc. 

Designed to be used by those who are enduring such struggles, this presentation is a beacon of hope in times of great stress. Churches and individuals alike are able to provide thoughtful, relevant and Biblical insight to those who are hurting, making this an ideal presentation for outreach. This is a great discussion starter for home groups and Bible classes as well. 

The series includes:

• 1 DVD, 20 minutes in length

• Facilitator’s Guide complete with discussion questions.


Suggested Donation: $15

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